Schaffen, Belgium


This case study demonstrates how we measure and projectcarbon capture using our technology.

The study location, of the highlighted region, is located in Belgium, and is home to a 3.5-hectare Corsican pine forest. It is notable for the Corsican pines primarily grown in the area.

Data Visualized

1: Measure

Genvision’s measurement of the forest's CO2 content using remote sensing technologies was 1870 Tons, only a 1% difference with the ground truth measurement of 1874 Tons.

2: Project

The forest in the case study is estimated to capture 55.5 Tons of CO2 during the year 2023, a number that will decrease over the coming years.

3: Improve

Due to the decreasing annual CO2 capture, it could be advisable to harvest the aging trees and plant new trees more suitable to the environment in order to maximize future CO2 sequestration.

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