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Our Mission

Genvision's mission is to create the most cost-efficient way to remove carbon from the air with 100% certainty.

We do this by tackling the 4 major issues of carbon offset projects:

Permanence, Overcounting, Additionality and Double counting.

How We Do It


1. We construct a buffer to ensure permanence

For every carbon offset you buy, we create a large buffer of other projects that backs it up. If some event like forest fires or droughts would render the carbon offsets you bought obsolete, Genvision will credit you an equal amount of new carbon offsets, free of charge

2. We monitor with our AI to avoid overcounting

On top of measurements in the field, we continue to monitor projects with our proprietary technology that analyzes the newest satellite images with groundbreaking accuracy. This way, we can guarantee that the carbon measurement in our projects lives up to the highest standards.   

3. We plant new trees to guarantee additionality

Genvision gives a 100% guarantee that the carbon offsets you buy are additional. To ensure this, we do not support any green energy, cookstove or avoided deforestation (REDD+)  projects, as the additionality of such projects is hard to measure and often questionable.



4. We use standards to avoid double counting

Each carbon offset project we offer has been 3rd party verified  by Carbon Offset Standards, including The Gold Standard and Vera (VCS). We work together with the largest carbon offset registries that ensure that any project we sell can only be sold once.

Offset carbon with 100% certainty