Our Projects

Genvision only invests in projects that actually make a difference. Combined with our monitoring technology and buffer, this allows us to guarantee that every cent you spend on carbon offsets will actually remove carbon from the air, permanently. 


San Pedro Forest

Located in Paraguay, this is a reforestation project carried out on formerly degraded cattle ranching land in the eastern regions of the country. Commercial tree species are planted on land deforested decades ago and converted into pastures or commercial agriculture.

Verra (ID 2361) Standard & Registry

45,549 Tons Estimated Annual CO2 Capture


EcoMakala Virunga

EcoMakala Virunga is a reforestation project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The restoration of this mangrove forest has the potential to increase wild fisheries, through erosion control, habitat protection, and safeguarding coral reefs.

The Gold Standard (ID 5168) Standard & Registry

17,000 Tons Estimated Annual CO2 Capture


Guanaré Forest

Guanaré forest is a reforestation project in Uruguay to establish a plantation forest consisting of primarily Eucalyptus grandis on 18.6 kha of privately owned grasslands previously utilized for cattle grazing.

Verra (ID 959) Standard & Registry

127,416 Tons Estimated Annual CO2 Capture


Mississippi Alluvial Valley

The Mississippi River Valley (MAV), a vital habitat for migratory birds and numerous plant and animal species.

More than 75% of the original forest has been lost in the last 100's of years, mostly due to agriculture. 

This reforestation project will plant restore the forest to its former glory by planting 1,000,000 new trees.

ACR (ID 114) Standard & Registry

1,119 Tons Estimated Annual CO2 Capture


Claveras Wildfire Reforestation

This project aims to restore several forests lost in the California wildfires. SPI maintains an extensive "seed bank" that stores seeds collected from the conifers growing on Sierra Pacific lands. After a major fire, they use these seeds to replant the burned area with trees native to the site.

CAR (ID 5165) Standard & Registry

7,762 Tons Estimated Annual CO2 Capture