Our Product

When you buy a carbon offset from Genvision, we guarantee that you are removing 1 ton of CO2


If our AI (or any other party) detects that one of your offset failed to remove 1 ton of CO2


We will provide you with a new offset, free of charge.

So you can claim Net Zero with 100% confidence

Why nature based offsets?

By monitoring and buffering forest offsets, we combine the best parts of nature based- and man-made carbon offsets

Nature Based.png

 Nature Based:

+ Cost-Effective (Around $20/Ton)

+ Co-Benefits (Biodiversity, Local Communities...)

+ Viable at Scale

- Additionality and Permanence not guaranteed

(Wildfires, Logging, Droughts...)



+ Clear Additionality and Permanence

+ Accurate Measurements of CO2 captured

- Extremely Expensive (up to $1000/Ton)

- Not Yet Viable at Scale